About Us

Mike Herbig: CJA – Founder

With over 40 years of experience, most of them teaching kids, Mike is an acknowledged expert in jiu-jitsu, teaching children and producing champions in competition, leaders in life and well rounded disciplined students.

Early Years
Mike started his own training at age of 16 at the beginning of the 80’s with traditional Goju-Ryu karate. After 10 years he became disillusioned with the lack of a complete fighting approach and outdated teaching methodologies found in the karate systems.

Co-forming the Kyokan Martial Arts School, he then spent the next 10 years searching the world of martial arts to find out what REALLY worked in terms of combat, fighting and self-defence. He studied various disciplines including, judo, wrestling, kickboxing, pankration, brazilian & japanese jiu-jitsu, aikido, muay thai, and boxing, all in an endeavour to broaden his knowledge base. His search also included psychologists and teachers to further refine the ability to teach children.

In 2000 he founded the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Academy (CJA) to continue his pursuit of the truth in martial arts, life and refining the specialized skill of teaching children.

In his early career he fought in numerous karate tournaments, non-contact as well as full contact, and achieved championship status in various competitions.
In 1999 he participated in the All Africa Pankration Championships and won to become the Super-Heavy Weight Champion.
In 2001 he fought in the United Nations of Jiu-Jitsu Competition, dominating the open grappling division to take the Gold Medal.
Retired from active competition he now focuses on training the next generation of fighters and coaches.

The future – starting in October 2020
After 40 years of training, teaching and searching the time has come to walk boldly into the future proclaiming that that Jesus Christ is Lord and building on the success of the
Combat Jiu-Jitsu Academy, to re-brand and become the
SAME EXCELLENT TEACHING in JIU-JITSU – all Glory going to God!
GOD FIRST! Dont Tell Me! Show me

“A Jiu-Jitsu Academy FOR Youth BY Youth”
The LEADER/Instructor Team is a source of pride and joy and growing and developing them to be the best version of themselves is his main focus! Looking to develop human potential he will always seek to create a better way. This is also commonly referred to as #CJA_Way

Alexander Herbig – Head Instructor

I started training grappling when I was around 3 years old (ok, to be more accurate, I crawled onto the mat with Mike), and have been rolling, studying, learning, teaching, growing and leading ever since.

I have found a passion and a calling in teaching, and leading youths and adults to live a functional and upright life through disciplined exercise, movement, mobility, and accountable study, using Godly principles found in Scripture, and taught in easy to understand, and simple to apply ways in daily life and the physical world.

After studying movement, and the functioning of the human body in the art of grappling for more than two decades, I can definitely say that there is a lot more that we can learn about how we are created than we think.
(Gen 1:27)

“Teachers who LOVE TEACHING, shape students who LOVE LEARNING!”
To watch youth grow and apply the lessons that they learn from CJA is truly the greatest reward in my books. To see their lives change as they take what they find, and make it better is heart warming, and beyond fulfilling for us.

I’m generally studying, squatting, silent, or sweeping someone smoothly off their feet.
That all depends how you approach me 😀

“When ONE teaches, TWO learn.”