Always Be Squatting July Day 25

#ABSquattingchallenge Day 25
July Theme: Day by Day
Lockdown Day 125

Hey yall!
Happy Midweek – Trusting that you are strong, and still pushing into today, to build as much personal momentum as possible. Take at least one step forward, EACH AND EVERY day. Just 1 step.

Proverbs 29:7
The righteous considers the cause of the poor: but the wicked regards not to know it.

I see a side by side comparison of righteous vs wicked. And it also fits in Brilliantly with yesterday’s one (28:27).

The righteous considers, and cares for those who are poor and needy. To truly care for someone requires action. The righteous take action to care for those that are most in need of it.

The wicked person pretends that poverty isn’t real. That the poor people don’t exist. That they are not part of the solution for those in need. Those that regard not to know about the poor, or their plight.

Let us be open to see the need around us today. Let us be open to honestly and truly look at the world we inhabit. Let us also be willing to ACTION the change that we would like to see. DO the change. MAKE it happen, in small ways, daily.

Have a blessed and excellent day
Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay sensible
Stay Squatting


Be generous with your squats. Sow your seeds abundantly!

Always Be Squatting Day 17 July

#ABSquattingchallenge Day 17
July Theme: Day by Day
Lockdown Day 116

Hey yall – welcome to the week, and the best day of your life to grown and learn, and to the opportunity to make a small change to your day that will impact each day going forward.
Get up. Get at em. And drop em hot!!
Let’s squat.

Proverbs 20:4
The sluggard will not plow by reason of the the cold; therefore, shall he beg in harvest and have nothing.

To plow = to PREPARE the land / soil / Ground to receive the seeds. It is a vital part of any planting and growing process.

Someone who does not prepare their soil and who uses the excuse that its too cold, shall have nothing to eat when it comes to the time of harvest. Others around him shall be satisfied and filled, while he is left with hunger. He cannot reap what he did not sow. He could not sow where he did not first prepare

Prepare your soil. Each squat is a seed. Every word, thought, and action is also a seed. Spend time preparing your soil.
Warm your body up. Warm your mind up. Set your soul on fire. It starts today, that we spend time and care on the process to prepare our soil πŸ™

Drive into this week with a force of personal momentum, and keep it going as long as you can!

Have a blessed day and
Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay sensible
Stay Squatting


Always Be Squatting July Day 2

#ABSquattingchallenge Day 2
Theme For July: Day by Day
Lockdown Day 98

Morning yall
It is wonderful to be with you this morning. Trusting that you are maintaining your personal momentum this far into the week! Nearly at the weekend πŸŽ‰

Proverbs 2:7
He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly

Lays up = to store up up over time (squats).
Sound wisdom = common sense
Righteous = Not in mans, but God’s eyes.
Buckler = Shield
You need to hold a shield up for it to work. Otherwise it is ineffective.

You also need to store up physical discipline over time. Practice small good habits within your squats, to make them more efficient. Focus on deep breathing, and upright posture. Those two small focuses will make a world of difference, accumulated over time.

Start small, then give it your all
Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay sensible
Stay Squatting


#ABSquattingchallenge Day 13
June theme: The Extra Mile
Lockdown Day 81
Monday 15/06/2020

Hey everyone.
Welcome to one(zee)hundred Monday squats to get into the week! 😁 Wrap up, work out and wiggle into shape.

Praying for you each, a blessed day

Proverbs 15:31
The ear that hears the reproof of life abides among the wise.

Are we humble enough to listen to correction and take heed?
Are we wise enough to look and listen?
Do we have the ears to hear truth?

Remember that everything you feed your eyes, ears and mouth, WILL HAVE an effect on you somehow.
Where do you abide, and what do you fill yourself with?

Remember. It’s just ONE SQUAT.
The extra mile is how far you go after that!!

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay sensible
Stay Squatting


Long Term Squatting Strain: Thoughts

Does high rep, long term squatting put excess pressure on the knees?

So, I guess that different exercises will have different strains, pains and impacts on different bodies.
– Make sure that you are not outside of your realistic range
– Do the best form that you are able to
– Be consistent. It’s not an exercise; it’s a lifestyle

My personal experience:
I’ve been squatting pretty consistently for more than 20 years now (comes with Jiu- Jitsu territory! – lol), and I am only just getting started with understanding them now. Squats were always my biggest fear as a kid and teenager.

I used to struggle with painful and stiff knees all through my teenage years, which made exercise a nightmare.
I can now attribute that to excess weight, and a severe lack of effective training (and not enough squats).

Since starting to teach Jiu- Jitsu full time in 2014, I have averaged around 200 squats per class day, and have felt the profound effect that consistent squatting has had in strengthening my muscles, tendons and ligaments, all across my body.
In that time, squats have become strangely comfortable

Squats used to be my punishment.
Now they are my reward.

One day at a time.
One squat at a time