Long Term Squatting Strain: Thoughts

Does high rep, long term squatting put excess pressure on the knees?

So, I guess that different exercises will have different strains, pains and impacts on different bodies.
– Make sure that you are not outside of your realistic range
– Do the best form that you are able to
– Be consistent. It’s not an exercise; it’s a lifestyle

My personal experience:
I’ve been squatting pretty consistently for more than 20 years now (comes with Jiu- Jitsu territory! – lol), and I am only just getting started with understanding them now. Squats were always my biggest fear as a kid and teenager.

I used to struggle with painful and stiff knees all through my teenage years, which made exercise a nightmare.
I can now attribute that to excess weight, and a severe lack of effective training (and not enough squats).

Since starting to teach Jiu- Jitsu full time in 2014, I have averaged around 200 squats per class day, and have felt the profound effect that consistent squatting has had in strengthening my muscles, tendons and ligaments, all across my body.
In that time, squats have become strangely comfortable

Squats used to be my punishment.
Now they are my reward.

One day at a time.
One squat at a time