Monday Message – Tips & Tricks to manage Lockdown Anxiety and Stress

Today we are blessed to have some insight from Michele (my beautiful wife), who is a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, with her insights on last weeks’ mail about the biggest challenges people are experiencing currently. Enjoy – Mike

Hope all’s well and that you are able to look back on your previous week with some degree of Celebration & Triumph (no matter how small that celebration or triumph may be…)

Every little victory helps you feel better and more in control, right!

Further to Mike’s previous mail on the 3 big struggles we all face:

·        Overeating

·        Under-exercising

·        Anxiety

I’m going to focus this morning on ANXIETY; It’s going to hit you in different ways:

·        Irritability

·        Stress

·        Sleep disturbances

·        Emotionality

·        Rage issues

·        Impatience

·        Frustrations; etc….

When you find yourself feeling or behaving “irrationally” 1st action is to RECOGNISE it

Then TAKE TIME OUT of whatever situation you are in and:-  go for a walk ; sit in the sunshine; listen to some great music; call a friend & share with them; pray; meditate; weep if you need to; be gentle with yourself and/or ask for a hug from someone

Sometimes it’s ok to go into your room, take your pillow and scream into it or throw it at the wall…. 😉

Remember you’re not unique in feeling stressed and out of control – it’s a heck of a stressful world we live in and it’s ok to feel anxious

               Just don’t lash out and don’t beat yourself up either….

And remember to BREATHE!

If you can control your breath you can begin to control your emotions

Here’s a simple exercise to practice breath-control, used by the US Navy Seals (and also recommended by Mike & Alex)


If you can take action to change your situation – excellent – TAKE BABY STEPS toward that goal

If you can’t change anything then use the BALCONY RULE* to control your stress:-

·        Worrying won’t change anything

·        If you can’t change it today and have taken what steps are possible – STOP worrying – tomorrow will look after itself

·        You only have to get through TODAY, don’t take on the whole week at once

·        Remember to celebrate your little victories today (reward yourself) – it will give you encouragement for tomorrow’s fight

*Balcony Rule: If the issue worrying you is “over the balcony” ie further away in time (eg tomorrow) then leave it alone, till when you CAN do something!

Also remember that we are now relying on DEVICES all the time. They hook us into a different world so DISCONNECT regularly

The media is full of bad news, the illumination on devices is bad for your eyes and your mind needs other stimulation to be healthy and strong

Lastly – HAVE FAITH (whatever your faith is)

Now is the time to draw nearer to God and rely on Him, when our own resources can’t seem to cope any more

When we’re anxious it’s great to know that God is in Control  


Here’s a great link:

Sooo… wishing you all a winning week ahead and God Bless