#ABSquatting Challenge Day 18 (my day: 12)

October Theme: Outstanding Opportunities
CJA Rule #3: Always Do your Best

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Always Be Squatting Challenge. It’s a personal challenge, with personal goals, personal steps, personal motives, and mutual accountability.
It can be 1 squat per day, or it can be 1000 squats per day (or any number in between).
Do them consistently (6/7 days of the week), and always remember to go the extra mile (even just an extra 1)! Your squats. Your pace. Your place.

Classes are rocking and rolling in Durbanville and Tableview again, so pop over to www.cja.co.za/classes to find out more.

This week, we are focusing on CJA Rule #3: Always Do Your Best.
Come along and see how we integrate this teaching into training and life.

Take 1 step forward in faith today. Give it your all. Step forward with confidence and purpose. Even if it’s just 1 squat!! Go the extra mile, and remember to take regular rest to recuperate, and to swiftly recover any lost momentum.

Have a wonderful and blessed week coming
Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay sensible
Stay squatting