October 2020
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Who we are:
We’re a Christian based, Jiu- Jitsu / Grappling Academy, focused on applying the principals we learn in the Bible, onto the mat, and then out into our lives.
(All denominations and/or religions/faiths are welcome)
Our business is a family one, and always has been! Here, everything is about deepening family bonds. It’s about focusing on our own personal ones, our CJA family and friends, while continually living our family-based values, with honor and integrity.
We are affiliated and accredited with various Local and National Sporting Associations, and our focus is to teach jiu- jitsu / grappling and living principles, in a way that ensures realistic, all-round self defense and life, in a fun, consistent way.

CJA was established in 2000, and is one of the oldest jiu-jitsu schools in South Africa. We are based in Cape Town and offer online teaching and instruction, not just in jiu- jitsu, but in life.

What do we teach?
In a nutshell – life skills and effective self defense.
CJA Jiu-Jitsu includes elements of wrestling, grappling, judo, movement science, and various other empty-handed submission sports.
Our program aims to develop vital skills such as endurance, flexibility, core strength, balance and co-ordination.

Who do we teach?
Kids have a huge amount of fun while learning discipline, focus, mobility, change management, and self- control which prepares them for the art of rolling, and applying that understanding to life to build balance and functionality.
Our coaches specialize in teaching and working with children, online and in person.

Teens and adults are given the opportunity to discover the art of jiu- jitsu / grappling in a basic and streamlined manner, while learning how to apply it’s principles to the struggles of life.
There are always new growth options within CJA, and all ages are welcome!
We are never too old to teach and definitely never too old to learn!!

What will you learn?
Besides becoming proficient in jiu- jitsu / grappling / rolling you will gain understanding in…..

  • The ART and SCIENCE of Jiu-Jitsu / Grappling
  • Building your physicality in a healthy, balanced way
  • Increasing your awareness to the world around you
  • Self- Defence

These are all taught via our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Recreation. 

Who runs the Academy?
Founded by Mike Herbig in 2000, and run by Alex Herbig, with a team of highly skilled coaches to back us up!

Where do we compete?
We compete at local, provincial, national and international levels. Our competition team has proven to be very successful with a great number of our students attaining provincial and national colours.

Come and try out our classes at NO CHARGE and start changing your life NOW!

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